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Daiana Radulescu Meditating

Mindfulness Ambassador


Daiana Radulescu started her carrier about 12 years ago, as a Communicator and Public Relation Specialist, using her passion for writing and speaking in the corporate world. She has traveled the world and worked on 3 continents, for local firms, international companies and even volunteering for global NGOs, until she discovered her mission had more to do with helping people reach their dreams, rather than helping businesses achieve their targets. 

After 7 years spent in research and practice on personal development in South and North America, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, she returned to Romania as a +500 Hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher – teaching a rare system of yoga simply called Traditional Yoga

Believing in the concept of continuing education, she has switched from best student in the formal education system, to best student in the non-formal education system.

Daiana has studied with one the most renowned mentors, coaches and motivational, inspirational and transformational public speakers and writers of the world, such as Lisa Nichols, Robin Sharma, Vishen Lakhiani, Les Brown, Jon Gabriel, Tony Robbins, Sadhguru.

She has also continued learning more on zentrepreneurship and digital marketing, with multi-million dollar companies CEOs and founders, like Anik Singal and Billy Gene, while attending many of their events and seminars in the U.S.A. 

Interested in improving people’s lives and making them realize that there is more to life than just the “stress and scarcity culture” we live in, either in the personal in the work life, and even a holistic approach to the human being, Daiana started sharing her knowledge from Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anatomy, Nutrition, Transactional Analysis, Personal Development etc. with others, in her own yoga studio, downtown Bucharest. 

While helping over 2500 people improve their physical and psychical health, Daiana realized another pain-point of our modern society: the fact that people needed a lot more support in their lives than just 2 weekly hours spent in a class, doing yoga postures (asanas).

And that is how the Yoga-Life Coaching idea emerged: putting the yoga principles to work in our daily, urban, hectic and many times, stressful lives. 

Soon after that, Daiana got interested in more than just helping women live a happier and more balanced life through group or private coaching, but also in making a change in the educational system.

In the past 2 years of her life, she has helped over 250 young children manage their emotions better and become more self-confident, using different relaxation and meditation techniques combined with her signature courses.

She has given many talks to her students, parents, in schools and in different organizations, and has recently initiated the YOGALIZE concept, to bring mindfulness and meditation everywhere in our lives: kindergartens, schools, universities, offices, restaurants, medical centers etc. 

At the moment, she is interested in spreading the latest research on the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness on our health and on our productivity, while also opening the first Happiness Through Mindfulness Center in Bucharest.

Daiana’s life mission is to help and inspire women and children all over the world to reach their full potential and to live their dreams, while attaining the fine balance between the material and the spiritual life.

“Success is what you have done compared to what you where created to do”. 

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