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Diary – The Rising Sun

Day 3 of Live Today as if No Tomorrow 

– 16.02.19

I woke up at 1:36 PM, having slept about 14 hours or a little less.

And as I woke up, I immediately pulled off the curtains. 

And I found the most amazing sun to be knocking on my bedroom windows.

What a blessing to wake up with the sun!

The mind was already awake also, asking me “what next?”.

The dreams have been so vivid, that I almost lived 2 other lives while sleeping. Or even 3, because of the many separate episodes. 

2 full glasses of water and many supplements and 1 medicine. 

I washed my face, brushed my teeth and jumped back to bed, to start the laptop and play some music on YouTube.

Today, it was Namaste Chillout:

I did 2 series of kapalbhati of 1 minute. 

I took 2 pictures and posted 1 on Instagram, to match continue recording my “Live Today as if No Tomorrow” progress. 

I opened Canva and played with some designs there: deleted the useless ones and editing the schedule for Bhairavi Yoga.

I then returned to the kitchen and decided to eat, after all, because of all the pills in my stomach. 

I heated some pasta with Gorgonzola and spinach, but for some reason they didn’t taste as spice as the other night, although I remember adding a lot of minced pepper to it. 

Now I am writing this from the kitchen, with the following plan:

  1. Not write longer than this 1 page and post it.
  2. Do the design for the yoga cards I bought.
  3. Finish reorganizing my living room and all the cleaning that includes. 
  4. Call my family and check on my dear ones.
  5. Read something before I go to sleep.
  6. Don’t go to bed too late (before 11 PM).

The rising sun is the divine force that wakes us every day, for the remainder of our days.

Live Today As If No Tomorrow - Day 3
Live Today As If No Tomorrow – Day 3

Later Edit

It’s passed midnight, and here I have managed to finish the following points from the above list:

1 and 2.

But I’m still happy, really happy, because I managed to reorganize this blog completely.

I know I shouldn’t even be mentioning the word tomorrow, but, yes, starting tomorrow I have the perfect layout to put my thought onto digital paper, and it’s right here!

Finally made it!

OK, time to finish this 1 page, with some lavender tea.

If no tomorrow, TODAY I feel 80% accomplished with the last day of my live.

D. R.