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I don’t know how you landed on this page, but welcome.

Before anything, if you don’t have the time to read my life journey now and to understand how I became a yoga teacher, you might want to watch these videos instead.

Now getting back to the topic, this is my virtual home, the one place where I can write freely and share with others the knowledge that I have.

Because let’s be honest: the world is lacking valuable knowledge. And we know that because we see so many unhappy people, so much illness in the body and the mind, that is sometimes scary to be part of this world. And what to mention about the Soul aspect… that chapter seems to be closed and forgotten for the majority of the population.

And what to mention about the Soul aspect… that chapter seems to be closed and forgotten for the majority of the population nowadays.

But I, oh no, I am very blessed. By divine destiny, I ended up knowing more about this world than I ever thought I could possibly know.

I have always been a little bit awkward.

Dreamy, as most people thought – the philosopher type. 

But I didn’t think as they did. I thought I was the only one serious about life. While most of the people I used to know in my early 20s were only thinking about having fun and experiencing life, I was concerned with other aspects of life. Deeper aspects, I’d dare to say; such as:

  • what is life all about?
  • why am I here and what is my purpose in life?
  • how was the Cosmos created and
  • why can science or religion give a unified answer about existence, one that I can accept?

And these are just some of the questions – just the beginning.

Ever since I became aware of myself I have been curious about life, about the sky and the stars, and about my Self in general.

I remember myself as a child. In the summer time, I used to walk from my house to my apartment with grandma, in the very hot summer nights. My grandma had to always hold my hand and watch me, because I was so intrigued about the millions of stars in the sky, that I never watched my steps. Once home, I would take a paper

My grandma had to always hold my hand and watch me, because I was so intrigued about the millions of stars in the sky, that I never watched my steps. Once home, I would take a paper

Once home, I would take a paper and a pen and draw images of what I had observed. Three stars in a row became my stars because 3 was my lucky number. There was also a huge clock on the sky. And a pyramid. Shootings stars in August? Those were the best!

I didn’t have the DSLR camera that I have today, so all my memories were mental images – better than any full HD photo taken nowadays.

And that’s how I grew up, intrigued by all that moved up there, or better said, that didn’t seem to move from here.

I don’t know if I had a normal childhood or not.

But what I do know is that I had the idea of rebirth and soul regeneration long before I ever read it. In a sense, one could say I created the concept. In my mind, I

In a sense, one could say I created the concept. In my mind, I sure did. But my mind is not separate from the rest, is it?

Yes, it’s true, I used to study a lot more than the average child did. I used to read poetry, although I was not a big fan of Romanian novels.

At the beginning, and by this I mean until my sixth grade, I didn’t even enjoy reading that much. Because they were making me read very silly novels, what they called kids novels and stories.

But once I tasted the sweet and sour aroma of books, I would hide and secretly read. Faust, for example.

Surely, no one stopped me from reading. But we had so much homework to do, so many Olympic contests to attend, that reading became my guilty pleasure. 

But that pleasure gave me no satisfaction, at the end.

Years have passed quickly and going to high school made me brilliant in Logic, Psychology, and Philosophy, one after another. I never qualified less than third place during the county competitions for those subjects. I remain for ever in debt to some extraordinary teachers I had.

I never qualified less than third place during the county competitions for those subjects (plus Romanian). That one, when I didn’t make it to the national contests. I remain for ever in debt to some extraordinary teachers I had.

But for some reason, the more I read, the more confused I became. I know many smart people say it today, but I mean it at a much deeper level.

So deep and so empty that place in my heart was, that it knew I had to find real answers to all the philosophical questions mentioned before.

I was very serious about life and I really believed that going to school and studying really well would make my life happy and complete. 

Because this is what we all want, right? To have a serene life, to never fall into dark depressions and never get out, to be able to love and to feel loved. And of course, to make a nice living out of what we are good at, whatever that may be.

Being religious is of great help, but not if you are a rational person.

In 2006 I moved to Bucharest. Even until now I can’t figure out why I didn’t enroll

Even until now I can’t figure out why I didn’t enroll to the University of Philosophy. I think everyone told me philosophy was dead and that in the best case scenario I would become a teacher – I wish I hadn’t listened to them back then.

I was still excited with life, because there was hope: the hope of the big city. Leaving home also made me want to try all sorts of things and

Leaving home also made me want to try all sorts of things and meet new people that I really didn’t have much in common with. After one year, everything was over and I was back to reading at candle lights.

I left out something important about my life: I grew up in a family where God was there. And I knew the Childrens’ Bible back and forth when I was a child.

My parents saw my attraction for the divine and took me to many monasteries during summer holidays. To see, to pray, to explore and to enjoy a different dimension.

I used to collect so many small icons and put them on my nightstand, clean them and worship to what they represented in my heart: a divine force that took care of me.

Starting back then, I could not understand the idea of a sin. I was a child, the purest form of human life, adults said, so how could I be sinning? So from very little, I decided to drop that idea and just try not to hurt others.

I also became interested in the Apocalypse and found many similarities to what was happening in the world: wars, floods, earthquakes. However, I didn’t think that was the end.

I left the Bible and got on with life because I could make much sense of it. I hoped modern science would explain God better.

Now I know I was wrong.

Modern science does not provide answers, it only provides suppositions.

In 2009, I finished studying Communication and Public Relations. It was the worst university to finish at that time, because of the recession.

I was truly left out of a job in Advertising, which was my dream job, but I didn’t realize it back then.

Since there was nothing better to do at that time, I continued my studies in the same field.

After 2 more years of meaningless jobs, I was becoming very tired of what living in the big city had to offer to me.

No real perspective to do anything worthwhile, so I ended up seeing 2 psychologists.

There were 2 main problems in my life back then:

  1. I had no self-esteem because I felt miserable compared to the rest of the world and their so-called achievements.
  2. Subconsciously, I knew very well what I had to do, but my boundaries were set by the social and familial environment.

In conclusion, I was very unhappy and highly disappointed with life.

So unhappy, that I even argued with God and had a serious fight one night with It. I demanded answers, because “what is the purpose of putting me where if you cannot help me find the meaning of my life?”.

That night, I gave God 5 years time to solve this crisis –  I thought it must be very busy and tiring to be God, so better don’t be too impatient.

I was 25 back then and completely broken. Relationships were failing, I was not making the money I thought I could make and I had no answer to the same obsessive question: What Is The Purpose Of My Live?

How I became a yoga teacher

Doctors could not really figure out what I had. They said there was too much stress in my life and suggested I quit my job, pick up swimming and do acupuncture.

I did the first two, and I also started volunteering for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day campaign at that time. Things started to improve for a while, but after 6 months I hit the wall again.

I was gaining a lot of weight overnight and I was experiencing what doctors call a “food binging disorder“. Not only that, but I was so depressed with life because no job could give a professional satisfaction for more than 6 months. 

I was very stressed and this also reflected in not being able to sleep at night and to wake up fresh in the morning. My whole system was collapsing again. And I was just 26 years old. 

Almost ready to resign once more, I received an email that changed my life completely. This time, in a good way.

And before I knew it, I was flying high to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia – I had been assigned as the new manager of Communication of WWF in that country.

I couldn’t be happier!

For the first time in a long time, I felt free: new country, new people, no one to judge my extra 12 kg, no one to know my fears about life.

I immediately started doing what I wanted: organizing events. At first for WWF (Earth Hour), then for my own passions (Food Revolution events for children).

I enrolled in traditional cooking classes: pizza, chocolate, bread, salteñas. I was finally following my heart!

I started making bagels and selling them to the small shop of my condominium – because I wanted people to have healthier food options.

That was roughly the time when I stopped eating meat. Not completely, but it was the beginning.

I also lost some weight and I was attending a lot of Mind Valleys online webinars. This late New Thought Movement was talking about chakras, blockages of the qi, the mindset for abundance, bla bla bla. It was interesting for me at that time.

Then, I got admitted to an event called The Awesomeness Festival, organized by Mind Valley in The Dominican Republic. 

I was really good at “manifesting” at that time, as they call it. Manifesting is when you wish for something so much that it really happens to you. Similar to the topic of “the law of attraction“.

The Awesomeness Fest is a five-star event, with speakers from all over the world, designed for spiritual entrepreneurs. I can’t say how I got passed that interview and got there. But I went to that event knowing that I would come back with a million-dollar idea.

And I was not wrong at all!

After only 11 months, I ended up in India, at the ashram recommended by the Canadian yoga teacher I met at the festival, in Punta Cana. She was teaching yoga in the morning, on the beach – I never made it to her early classes. 

But she said want thing to me: “If you want to study the science behind yoga, you should go to this ashram“.

And that is how my life has changed…

For the best and for ever.

Shri Kali Ashram is the best university in the world!

I went to Shri Kali Ashram for 1 month, in October 2014. Mainly, I wanted to study philosophy. Or better said, to continue my studies in this field.

The idea of yoga and meditation remained in my mind after the time when I was very stressed, ill and lacking any life force.

But I had no idea of how to practice it. All the books I bought were explaining difficult asanas and asking me to quiet my mind – as if that was an option!

After one month at the ashram, I was invited to stay longer. And so I did. By now, almost 2 years of intense studies at Shri Kali Ashram have passed. 

I studied Vedism (Vedic Metaphysics), Sanskrit, Transactional Analysis, Quantum Physics and Tantra and Yoga, of course. I rediscovered my favorite Romanian author (Mircea Eliade), from a whole different perspective.

I also met my new favorite author of all times: my guru. Studying his two books has helped me understand the world for what it really is. 

Then, Paratrishika Viranana came into my life – an esoteric Tantric text. And with it, came my epiphany. A revelation so deep and so transformational that I only dared to share it with my Guruji.

Now, I am a traditional yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance® USA. But most important, and this is a journey that will continue forever, I am myself. I am Daiana.

And being myself only happened after I dropped all my previous conditionings. Surely, I still have some reminiscences, but I am not the confused little girl that not more than 3 years ago set food in Goa. 

But what I want to underline here is that none of the conventional universities, nor any other top notch seminars on personal development that I went to allowed me to realize myself. And to be free. 

Freedom comes from knowledge. Knowledge comes from dropping the ignorance, from taking off the veil. It is exactly like Plato’s allegory of the cave

However, no university of this world teaches you that. All the teachers, all the members of the Academia, they all talk about unessential aspects of the world. And of the humankind. 

So people go to over 17 years of school (post-graduate) to learn everything BUT true knowledge. They spend so much time, money and effort in memorizing tens of books that mean nothing for them. 

Why do those books lose their value? Simply because they are not integrated into the Science of the Absolute. And by this, I mean deep, complex and extraordinary beautiful METAPHYSICS. 

That is why after having learned so much about the world and about myself at Shri Kali Ashram, I realized that every human being ought to spend at least one month at this ashram. 

Because there is no place in this world that offers you true science. And because there is no other Metaphysics teacher like my Guru.

2016 onwards…

In October 2016, I returned to Romania for more than just a couple of months spent with my parents. 

I was feeling sad that Romanians have forgotten the priceless heritage offered to them by Mircea Eliade, who actually wrote a few books on the science of Yoga.

He was so well regarded at Shri Kali Ashram by my teacher, that I decided to give it a try and start a traditional yoga studio in Bucharest.

That being done, most of the year 2017 I have been busy sharing the invaluable teachings of my Guru, Bhagavan. I have always had this idea that people MUST know that answers to their questions still exist in the world. 

Besides spending a lot of time preparing for my yoga classes, I continued helping other people to improve their English skills.

Most of the texts that I consider mandatory to read in this life time are in English, so English is one of the top skills to have in our contemporary world.

I guess I have always been attracted to education, especially the non-formal one. Although I never thought I would end up a teacher, like my grandma, now I am fully embracing it.

This is also due to the fact that now, for the first time in my life, I really have A LOT of information worth to be shared with the world. And this all thanks to my teacher, who put the time, energy and love to share the ancient knowledge of humankind to all of us. 

In the little time left, I still love to cook healthy meals, without any recipes, made from scratch – I call it “my creative cooking”. It would be nice to resume my Food Revolution workshops in the future, also.

I am keen on taking beautiful pictures – and not editing them later. I love my family, our two dogs included. 

When I want to socialize, I do it only with family members and close relatives. 

I don’t watch TV, I don’t go out unless it’s for a walk or to eat (rarely). 

I crave for time – time to continue my studies and to do more yoga.

After studying the Vedas with my Guru, I am love with Christianity – a science that I can now understand and fully appreciate. 

I don’t lie and I don’t pretend anymore – a reason for which many people might not like me (which is a good thing).

I meditate sometimes and I pray to all divinities: Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc.

I am in love with all that I do and I can do anything with a lot of love. 

But most importantly, I have the Tantra philosophy so deeply engraved in my subconscious, that come what may, I will never forget that I am Goddess.

For all these, I pay reverence to my Guru, Shri Bhagavan.

Reverence to Shri Ganesha.

Reverence to Shri Kali Devi.