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Daiana Radulescu Meditating

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Successful Businesses Are Made By Successful People

Daiana Radulescu’s business consultancy solutions are personalized tools to propel you from where you are right now, to where you want to be, based on what she calls “The Flow”. Create 30-120% profit growth in your business and true financial freedom as an entrepreneur. Start with our assessment today.

If you have a business, there are 3 things you have to focus on:

  1. Yourself – you are the most important asset of your business and if YOU are not at your best in all 4 Chapters of your live, then your business will never reach its maximum potential.
  2. Your people – if your employees are not doing well in their personal lives, on the same 4 Life Chapters that I mentioned, then your businesses cannot thrive, no matter how happy and positive you are.
  3. The Business – when created, the business itself becomes an entity, a unique individual, like a human being, with values, with a mission, with needs and requirements, with a passion for helping a group of people or for solving a specific problem of society. Ignore the “body, mind and spirit” of The Business and you will see it become ill, just like people do.

My responsibility is to intuitively observe what is going on inside you, inside your people and inside The Business – and this is a holistic approach that no traditional Business Coach can ever offer you, because he/she will only focus on the papers and numbers (digital marketing metrics, sales growth, number of clients, expenses/revenue/profit and other financial parameters).

After having identified the TRUE issues, I will come up with solutions, strategies and even with ways in which I can personally help you and your business be successful.

Then, I will follow-up with you, your people and your business, to make you all accountable for your action and to keep you on your path to success – I love to support businesses that I personally believe in.

Maybe your team needs more motivation or inspiration – let’s give them a nice talk on their importance and make them feel valuable.

Maybe your people need more of your attention – let’s write your talk and find strategies to help you build better relationships.

Maybe you need more attention from your partner or simply more sleep – let’s coach you first and focus on your personal life, on every level.

Maybe you all need to become more productive – let’s teach everyone some relaxation techniques to reduce the stress level, the anxiety and the negative thoughts, which will increase everyone’s productivity.

Maybe The Business needs some realignment with its own initial values and mission – let’s go back to the start and reinforce it into the present, for the positive impact you know you have to make in the world.

Maybe there is a general need of a spark of creativity on the table or a whole new approach on who to work with (employees or partners) – let me teach you how to flow into a pool of creative ideas anytime you need to.

Negative Energy Consumers are often the cause of inefficiency, which leads to a sense of purposelessness for everyone in the company, not to mention the tense atmosphere in the office – let’s find them and eliminate them.

And these are just a few of the ways I can be of help for your business, no matter how small or how big.

Because businesses are just like people and if we take good care of them and make them happy, they will return that happiness (a.k.a being of service to others, financial benefits, time, freedom etc.) to us as well.

Although she is serving every human and every business, Daiana Radulescu has a sweet-tooth for free-lancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups, small and medium companies and NGOs.

If you believe your business is operating below its optimal level, it’s time to get it “checked” from a different angle than everything you tried before.

Daiana’s Yoga-Business Coaching offers a holistic approach towards your business, no matter your challenges or the field you operate in.

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