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Daiana Radulescu Meditating

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Mindfulness As Personal Development For Children

From yoga and meditation techniques, to intelligence emotional games and group talks on life situations and values, Daiana Radulescu has developed strategies and programs to help your children succeed in life. identify and balance their emotions and to help them find their inner strength to succeed in life. 

Children are the most predisposed to inner transformations – which is both a good thing and a…. not so good thing. 

Everything that happens to us by the age of 5, what we hear, see and understand of the world around us, will define our future as an adult. 

If your children perceive themselves as winners, they will become winners.

If they perceive themselves as losers, they will become losers – meaning they will have a negative view on life and a constant lack of self-trust, self-worth, and self-love.

That is why my main interest is to help children realize their unique beauty, infinite intelligence and potential to do whatever they decide, in a world that gratifies toughness, extreme competition and comparison to others. 

With children, the most important step is to make them realize their emotions. Then, to balance them.

So I offer them tools, as special techniques and different exercises and affirmations to help them do that. 

We work with their bodies, to affect their minds.

But the benefits are both sides. Some kids lack body strength and a good coordination – which leads to lack of self-trust.
Others, lack the mind strength or the emotional stability – once again, this leads to lack of self-trust and a sense of dependency on the world.

In my programs, I use my knowledge from Yoga and Psychology and Personal Development to strengthen the body-set, the mind-set and the emotional-set of the kidswhile connecting all these layers as well.

At the end, the child will have a sense of wholesomeness of himself, and later of the whole world. 

One of my favorite programs for children is called “The Winners” – based on the definition given by Dr. Eric Berne to the people who are winners in life.

In this program, children learn through actions about:

  • The Power of Authenticity: I know my true self, I have my own voice.
  • Self-Trust: the I do – I can – I enjoy equation
  • Self-Respect: the Namaste formula, to respect myself and others
  • No Competition – I don’t compare myself to others
  • Love All Beings – life takes infinite forms
  • Environment – the cosmos is my home
  • Success: I am successful when I reach my own potential, without expectations from others.

    I am specialized, experienced and have a huge passion for working with kids from 2 to 10 years old, but I am always happy to serve every child that needs my attention, skills and most importantly, a lot of  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

    Weather your children need a little help in balancing their emotions, or they need a lot of support in realizing their potential and happiness in life, Daiana Radulescu’s personal development courses for children will offer your kids the necessary tools and information about themselves, otherwise inaccessible in the conventional education system.

    I want the best for my child!

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