10 Tips On How To Successfully Date Your Yoga Teacher

OK, so let's face it! I admit I am bit biased here... Maybe I really am a sophisticated yoga teacher (aka "enlightened", to be in the New Age trend of speaking), a yoga teacher who doesn't have any wishes in life anymore... Simply being is enough for me. But then again, Love is a principle that governs my whole being and I am very, very keen on Love! Love is truly a diamond for me!

Divine Love. Human love.

Animal love.

Plant love.


Others love.

Cosmic love.

All-inclusive love...

So I breathe Love in and out, without even thinking about it - and this started long before I was ever a yogi/yogini, but it's happening even more now! Love is something I see all around, sparking on the ground: a tiny leaf, the majestic Moon, a manmade blue car, a contagious smile, the sounds of the unspoken thoughts of... love. Love can remain unspoken sometimes. Because it is shy.

Powerful, but shy.

Or let me use a better word: it's mystical! Therefore, it remains hidden to the uninitiated heart... It comes only to those ready for it's magic - because it has the power to teleport you to another real.

Otherwise, it comes in very vivid copies - just like the copies of great works of art. They resemble so much the original and for the untrained eye, they look identical - but they are not...

Love - hidden, mystical, the most powerful law I know! Just like the Moon - it has it's feminine side that whispers:

"You will be spellbound by my charm, but first, let me not scare you with that... let me shine just a little bit of that. The more accustomed we will become, the brighter I will shine on you. And you will open up your heart and receive the miracle of Love...". If that is the Moon talking usually, this is me talking now. For all the yoga teachers in the world that are fine by themselves, but still want to express and receive Love from all around. Surely, we have amazing yoga students by our side - and I have been blessed with the most amazing ones! I adore my 21 Tribe of Goddesses that share my love for life and happiness! And all my yoga students from the past 4 years since I have been a yoga teacher myself have been nothing but sparks of Love sent from above. I know so many stories from the international ashrams or other studios, but no... not my students. I really met so many lovely people, with a huge appreciation for what I do.

I am grateful to them all! Now, that alone fuels me to pour myself even more into sharing the Love that I get from above and beyond...

However, yoga teachers also have the option to be with a partner in their lives. As for any other human being, I hope, this option of being with another person or not should really be by choice, not by a need. Yoga teachers are expected to be spiritual beings - of course we all are, but hey, I am talking about outside expectations here. :)

They are expected to be mindful of others - and many of them truly are. So let's talk about them here, now. In this present moment, as we like to say in the yoga world...

In this moment, let's imagine all the beautiful yoga teachers out there: amazing human beings dedicated to making our bodies suppler, but more suppler even, our minds....

For all those lady yoga teachers out there who are serving the world, especially during these rough times for the human kind, I would like to come up with 10 tips on how to successfully date them - one a time, please, not to be misunderstood here. :)) If you have an amazing yoga teacher, a female one (it sounds so awful to call them like this, but this is the proper English language, after all), then this is what I think you should do if you want to take one step closer to her and check if her hearts melts as her body does too. ;) I mean, I get it: yoga teachers can be very attractive inside out, and so many men out there might be tempted in dating their yoga teacher - why not, right?! They might also be shy - what if the don't know all the yoga poses, after all? Quiz time, guys! :))

Or they might think shallow about the beautiful yoginis teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation to the world - hence, I have to address that side as well. So here we go - like we say in yoga:

First, we experience yoga on the mat, then we can talk about the philosophy. I think it's the first time I am writing an article for the male public - oh my, what a change in my life!

Looking forward for the feedback, gents! :) Especially since I talk from my own experience here, I hope you (the men reading this article) take my tips in high consideration and make us, all the women yoga teachers out there, a big favor by following them as you guideline the next time you take a yoga class and think "Hmm, I like my yoga teacher so much... what should I do about it?". First, read, please! Then, act - if you still feel like it. :)

Tip no.1 for dating your gorgeous, but spiritual yoga teacher

Please ask yourself this question: why do you really like her, after all?

Is it because you want to find out more about the philosophy or the practice of yoga? Because if that is the case, then please know that there are specialized courses, retreats, webinars, etc. on it.

And many, many free YouTube links that talk about yoga. So for this tip, please make sure you are not confusing the teacher of your favorite yoga style with the person who is actually teaching you that.

Tip no. 2 for dating your yoga teacher

Are you truly up for living that kind of lifestyle? Your sweet yoga teacher will never ask you to become vegetarian before subscribing to her classes, but your partner yoga teacher might prefer those kind of dishes - so you have to be up to that lifestyle. Normally, yoga teachers are trained not to compare, judge or try to change people around them - because they have the mindset of "everyone can choose whatever he or she wants in this life". But please be mindful that this kind of women might be vegan or vegetarian and cook such meals at home.

She might not even want to cook meat dishes for you - which you have to agree with from the start. Can you live a lifetime with a person like that?

And will she want to live with you, dear meat-eater friend? Are you as flexible for your meal plan as you are on the yoga mat - or at least trying to be? It might matter and make a big difference, on the long-run - just think about raising your kids with her, for example. I know I am already considering a different commitment here, but bare with me, for tip no. 3...

Tip no. 3 for dating a yoga teacher

Are you looking for a long-term relationship or just for some yoga poses demonstrated during a lovemaking contest? Now, I am not saying that female yoga teachers won't have or cannot have casual sex - I think that if they really are like the hippies, they might even feel more inclined to flow and follow their emotions and intuition - which might favor you, who knows? But what might be for you, as a man, just a one-night-stand, for a woman, generally speaking, might be the beginning of a long-term relationship, even marriage. And that's not me saying it, but psychology researches in general, about men and women and relationships. Both men and women get attached emotionally when and after making love, but women feel more inclined to admit this union as a potential romance, even if it happens really fast, at the beginning of the relationship, let's say. So you, as the male partner, have to seriously think what is it that you want from your pretty yoga teacher. Because she might be a lot more stable emotionally and know exactly what she wants - please listen to that! Better ask her, if you are not sure. :) And make up your mind:

"Do I want to date this woman just because I have seen her so many times in her yoga leggings and I wonder how she looks without them, or is it something deeper that I feel for her?". Ask, ask... and answers shall be given.

Maybe even during a yoga class, from above, who knows... And whatever you answer is, please make sure you communicate it to her if she agrees to date you, after all. Because no community wants a broken-hearted woman, let alone a depressed yoga teacher, after a sudden break-up. So for tip no. 3: be mindful of your wishes, communicate them properly and don't create false expectations with women, generally speaking. Now let's get specific again.

Tip no. 4 for successfully dating your yoga teacher

Do you share any of her views about life?

Yoga teachers usually share with their students what they believe in, the governing principles of their lives. Even when they don't share it, it's like an unwritten code what we all share, as yoga teachers.

How groupie of us, I know! :) And usually, they are towards a bigger picture of life than just a job from 9 to 5 that doesn't make your heart joyous at all. They are deeper than marring someone out of fear of being alone or the idea getting old. They might be even more likely not to have kids, because they see all the humans as their kids and they are there to serve them and to revive them the happiness in this huge family called "world". So your yoga teacher might be interested in having deeper connections with humans and with the nature. Putting aside her eating habits, she might also not be the kind of woman that likes to "party hard", hit the club, drink alcohol, live a hectic life and neglect her loved ones.

She might like the discipline, schedules and an organized life.

She might flow, but with a purpose and towards a higher goal - a holistic one, more often than not. She also might be prone to noticing the small details of life: a tiny flower in the yard, the moon smiling at night, a sad face around, a word you drop like a bomb... Yoga teachers have a great sense of feeling people around them - discovering hidden emotions and traumas is what they deal with really well.

So are you ready for all that?

Are you, yourself, that "deep" and interested in the philosophy of life? If so, march on! If not, read a little bit about it, get your head around yoga and that kind of lifestyle - autobiographies of ancient or modern yogis are a great source of inspiration, by the way. Even if your beautiful yoga teacher is a modern woman, she will definitely be different than all the other women you have met!

At least different of all those not having to do with the spiritual / therapeutic world at all.

Tip no. 5 for dating your lady yoga teacher

Are you looking for financial security and high social status from your lady yoga teacher?

Surely, in as sense, we all are! But all want that financial freedom, either we admit it or not. And it's nice to be recognized for the good you bring upon the world. That being said, your lady yoga teacher might be a super-start or new-born star. She might run her own yoga studio downtown or in a suburb, or she might be getting a fixed or and affiliate marketing salary from a big studio that hires her by hour. Your yoga teacher might be a big or tiny business owner, but for sure she has the spirit of a leader and of an entrepreneur. And that, my dear friend, is very different than having a 9 to 5 job or chasing money more than... Love. Universal Love. She might have months of super financial growth - depending on the season, or super low months.

She might be having even a secondary job to support her passion for sharing the yoga knowledge and benefits that come out of this beautiful practice. All those combinations are true and many others can exist as well. It's so important to understand how you feel about that.

Are you comfortable with having a girlfriend or wife that has this entrepreneurial lifestyle? Maybe even an unstable income? Are you ready to support her, may the need come? And I don't mean financially support her, I mean with encouragements and by boosting her hopes when she will have a cloudy month. The life of a yoga teacher is like a roller coaster even for the super famous ones.

Check how you feel about having a woman that flows like that in your life! If you feel safe only when everything is securely in placed, she might not be the right partner for you, after all...

Tip no. 6 for dating your yoga teacher

Related to tip no. 5, how do you feel about introducing your girlfriend as a yoga teacher to those around you? Include family, friends, but also your boss - or someone with some authority in your life. Because not everyone understands what a yoga teacher is or does. They might think she is a bikini model or a fitness model - both are amazing, by the way, no judgment here at all! She might look like a super-star on the catwalk, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have any formal studies - usually, really high ones! But even if you know how certified your yoga teacher lover is, it's also important to have the patience to explain it to all the rest of the people around you - those that matter to you and who might not really know or appreciate what she does. That being said, think about it for a life-time: do you prefer to say "Hey, she is my wife, a corporate lady managing 7 teams" or are you OK with the hippie line of "Namaste to you all, she is my wife, the best yoga teacher of my life and I really don't care if you get how important her job is for the humankind - I know it myself, for a fact!". Check that answer once more, and let's move to tip no. 7...

Tip no. 7 for dating your yoga teacher

Are you ready to travel to explore the world and to always learn?

Or can you provide her with enough freedom to do so, provided she wishes for? Because yoga teachers are known for their zest for learning more and more: more philosophy, more books, more workshops, more personal or spiritual development, more practices attached to yoga, more diplomas on the long-term... They might want to go to a new ashram and stay there for 6 months, to recharge themselves or to study Ayurveda, let's say. Sometimes, you might be able to join her.

Sometimes, you might not be...

Or not even want to do that - maybe that's not your type of couple retreat. How do you feel about your beautiful partner travelling the world alone?

How do you feel about her working abroad?

Or even organizing retreats and having private clients - she might handle other men too, you know, it's part of her job. Check your mindset here, your interest in always learning and exploring the world - even if you might prefer other topics, by all means. Check your jealousy level as well, because yoga teachers are surrounded by people, most of the times.

And they tend to give hugs to their students, care for others as for their own family, so... better be clear in your mind if you can handle all that and not have a panic attack if you see her around another student of hers - just like you are now. :)

Tip no. 8 for dating your favorite yoga teacher

How do you feel about God?

Either you like it or not, this topic cannot be skipped when planning on taking your yoga teacher home and having a wholesome life with her. Call it Energy, Infinite, Absolute, Brahman, Universe, whatever you please, but be ready for some questions on the topic, because she will care about your vision about the world. Whatever that is, I can tell you this: yoga teachers usually don't think about God in terms of religion, but in terms of a Consciousness that is all pervading. They can embrace any religion with ease and will not struggle too much with cultural differences, if well-trained, but... Be ready to understand her view and accept it as a fact.

She might be very understanding towards your views on God, but please don't try to convince your yoga teacher of any of your religious beliefs. If she accepts your thoughts differ from her understanding of the world, you are a lucky one - she will accept you like that for life and never try to change you. But if she doesn't accept them as the fundamental truth, you have to follow her way or there will be no way - because the world of yoga is about freedom and peace and Supreme, Unconditional Love as the fundament of the cosmic life - hard to beat that with negative thoughts about God!

Tip no. 9 for dating your yoga teacher

How happy are you in life? If happiness is your innate nature, awesome!

Because yoga teachers know that every human being deserves to be happy in life. And that's why they do their work for the society - they are the up-lifters towards a greater, happier state of being alive, not just surviving on planet Earth. Even if you are sad now or going through a tough moment - that's one of the main reason people come to the yoga mat after all - it's important to realize that you really want to have your life back and to be happy, no matter what. Any illness can be surpassed; every bridge can be crossed, as long as you still have hope for a good, healthy life. Yoga teachers really struggle when they meet people who almost lost that hope... but they will take you from any dark place and make it better for you, provided you allow for that trust.

And the yoga practice really helps in getting that happy mood back and reducing the stress levels, of course!

So keep going to her yoga classes and aim for a happy life, even after starting dating her. And if you still want your yoga teacher to be part of your happy life, make sure you are full of your own happiness first! No person can replace that - and she won't want to replace hers either, believe me! :) Both complete, a new relationship can blossom as a rose cherry tree - just think of how gorgeous that is!

Tip no. 10 for dating successfully dating your yoga teacher

Commit to reading all the tips once more and drop that ego now! :) Yes, that's all! No more lines here. If you let that ego out, you will really be able to see the divine person that guides you through those amazing poses every time, always from a point of sharing love, not commanding you around. It's like a piece of art: flow into your divine nature and once there, just ask her out on an Indian chai - she can't say no to that, believe me! Just a tiny P.S.: make sure she is not taken by another divine soul, first, please.

And if she is, don't despair - no attachments are allowed and there are so many beautiful ladies as yoga teachers our there - each one with her own charm. Look for the rhythm of the soul, not for the "yoga teacher" status on her Facebook profile and she might be the one! Best of luck, cos Happiness is already provided from Above!

Lots of Love, Daiana P.S. no. 2: since I might boost this article, to get more views for this complete work of art, I feel like adding this: I wrote this article after a funny conversation with someone dear, from a related field of work, and I turned an inside joke into a subject line. That is all. :)

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