3 Questions To Ask Yourself Right Now

Actualizată în: 1 Apr. 2020

Almost 2 weeks has passed since people started working from home.

If we add up the previous weekend + last Thursday and Friday, we have about 15 days spent home.

That's half a month.

Working from home...

Taking more breaks than usual to clean the home...

Managing the kids, the partners and this whole new face of the "family life".

Suddenly the weekends, in terms of how we all lived togety expanded into the week days, but the week days are also working days...

Which in my head, makes time look like a continuum.

Like it actually is...

Just that now, we have less events in our minds, which means we cannot separate the days amongst them as easily, anymore.

No more activities during the evenings.

No more activities during the weekends.

No more going out for so many reasons.

So, what are we left with, actually?

Life can become, for many, just a continuous-work-and-superivising-the-kids day.

Plus managing the home and cooking the meals, for some of us.

And now, we are on automatic pilot again, with even 2 or 3 more taks added to our lists.

But did you pause for a second and gazed outside your home-office, while taking a 10-second break from your urgent project?

I kind of did, and here is what I suggest you do right now.

Take a 30-minute break or schedule one - for those of you who are hard-wired on planners and timetables.

Make yourself comfortable in a cozy, but distrubance-free area of your beautiful house.

Take your favourite writing utensils and 3 deep breaths and write these questions down, on that paper/journal/nothebook/agenda:

1. Is this the life I want to live, forever?

2. If I knew I was going to die in 1 week, how would I feel?

3. What changes would I make in my life, for my greatest happiness?

First of all, close your eyes and write down the first answers that come to your mind. Only you will read them, so be honest, fearless and free.

No one is judging you.

Just to help you out a little bit, here are some tips on how to go deeper into the questions in case you are having troubles or you are becoming too superficial.

For the 1st question, just let those thoughts out and really close your eyes and imagine your actual life vividly.

Imagine your whole life going on like this, for ever and ever.

How do you feel about it?

Is it a pleasant feeling?

Do you feel content? Or afraid?

Please write down the feeling you get when asking yourself if this is the way you want to live your life, for ever.

And I don't mean living in your house, trapped because of the current Coronovirus outbreak.

No, I mean doing what you do, on a daily basis, now.

Because now, more than before, you can observe your daily activities, habits, tasks, work and family related tasks and environment better.

For the 2nd question, go as deep as you can, even if it might sound negative or pessimistic.

Use the current scenario to put yourself into the shoes of someone who got infected by Coronavirus and is going to die, as well. I know this is not the case for many, I have read the stats...

But just play this game in your mind, so you feel with 100% certainty that in 1 week from now, you will die.

And please remember that in this current scenario, you cannot just go out and travel the world and see the Fuji mountain, in case that was on your death wishlist.

You are locked in your home - and you will end your life like that.

How do you feel? Not about dying alone, but about dying now, suddenly and unprepared - as many times accidental deaths happen.

And please try to talk about yourself, your feelings, your thoughts. Not so much about how others will feel about your death, or how you will feel about them. How would you feel about yourself? About things related to you, like your dreams, hopes, projects, ideals, past, present or future.

Write the feelings and elaborate then into phrases if you want to.

With the 3rd question, please write down a draft of the things you need to change in your life now, even if you can, even if you can't, to be as happy as possible.

If you already are and you need no area of improvement in your life, excellent.

But wait... really? Not even one? Not even 1 extra book you wished you have read so far? OK, I thought so... thank you, I feel better now. :) So just write down words, like: job, partner, kids - no, it doesn't mean you would change any of those and especially not your kids, it means those are the areas that require changes. Speaking of changes, I hope you realized that it's YOU who has to change. No one else has, can and will change, unless you do. And many times, as you have noticed, that don't even think they should chance. But you might want to, for your own sake.

For your own greatest happiness. So please continue writing, after the big chapters that need some sort of adjustment from you, how those changes really look like. For example, you might have "partner" because you realize you have too less in common. Think how you can change to accommodate not only your partner (because it's not about him), but how you can accommodate a better relationship - because we all want that, right? If it's about your job, think of another position, another company, another service or product you can offer or upgrade what ever you do now.

How does this next level look for you?

You you are really in a mood, come up with a solid strategy for achieving those changes.

If not, at least write them down and come back to them tomorrow and continue your "happy as can be, for the rest of my life" project.

Because at the end of the day, and especially at the end of your life, you really want to feel happy about yourself and the way you lived. Keep or find that track and don't let go of it, because you really never know what tomorrow holds for you.

Death is just part of life, but this is for another blog post to come...

Good luck with your 3 questions!

Did my questions help you? Scared you? Made you nervous?

Whatever the case, I am happy if I was able to make a tiny change in your life. So please share this article with others who might need a little push, a little bump, a little kick out of their current mindset. The world needs happy people, passion and purpose-driven people, so please let this crisis make you one of them, if you aren't already on that list.

With love and hope,

The Author


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