7 Steps To Plan Your Job Or Business Like An Entrepreneur

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Read this article if you want to learn the 7 steps you need to plan your job or actual business, in order to avoid any crisis and have the results that successful entrepreneurs have - either you are one or not.

Yes, I heard it.

It's all over the news - news that I don't even watch.

Literally, I have not opened the TV except once in the past 3 or 4 months, and that was just to watch myself on the TV, on March 4. Besides that one time, nothing. I just undust the TV-set whenever I need to use it as a display for the movies we watch - seldom watch. Nevertheless, that doesn't meant that I don't know "the news".

The websites.

The world maps.

The graphs.

The forecasts.

The stocks.

The markets.

The unemployment.

The free courses.

The inspiring messages.

The jokes.

The videos.

The articles.

The "everything"...

Because everything and everyone seems to have been "touched" by this pandemic - notice how now I have to use quote marks to keep the word "touch" in the same sentence with "pandemic".

Just as I typed "pandemic" in the Google Search, I got... About 2,760,000,000 results in 0. 74 seconds....

But I like, as a marketer, as a media person and also as a Yoga Lifestyle Coach, I like to focus more on the... people.

On their dreams...

On their goals...

On their day to day reality, after all. Because there are many people out there struggling now.

Many have lost their jobs. Many are on the list for this "possibility".

Many are loosing businesses, employees, customers and more importantly... their mental health.

Yes, they are loosing it and I have no doubt about that fact that the more we continue to stay home, the harder it will be to pull ourselves back together.

Especially if we are business owners - no matter the size of your tiny little business. Yes, maybe you don't have the responsibility of hundred people's salaries on your head, as a small business owner.

Maybe you don't even have millions of customers to communicate to now, as an entrepreneur. But the fact that you have worked so hard to get were you were just a month back...

The fact that you have always gone against the 9 to 5 main stream current...

The fact that you might have been ridiculed for years for your idea or for the way you do things, while spending your last breath and dime on trying out new business tactics without losing your confidence...

For all those facts and many more, you may be more vulnerable now that any one else out there. And I'll tell you why you are more vulnerable now and if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, please accept it.

Just open up and let it be...

A Message For The Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs And Freelancers

You are more vulnerable, because you have a heart fueled by bigger goals.

Because for you, as an entrepreneur or solopreneur, your life is your business!

Your business is not just "a job".

You don't just get paid for the 6 or 10 or 14 hours per day that you work.

No, you get paid whenever you make someone else happy.

And many times, you didn't even get paid for all the work in advance that you ever did.

Entrepreners and freelancers don't just pop-up on interviews and then jump into their provided-by-the-employer ergonomic chairs for work. No, they really have to build their own chairs!

And build their own offices also, even if these might "just" mean work-from-home offices.

For entrepreneurs, their passion is their business and their business has an emotional bond to their hearts, that a 9 to 5 job rarely has.

These people don't just talk numbers in terms of money, they also talk numbers in terms of how many people they have helped.

And when they work, many times, they are the brand.

They are visible, they are exposed and they are all it takes for that business called Me Inc. to work.

So now do you understand why, in this scenario, the entrepreneurs and freelancers and those working on their own have the biggest challenges if they don't make it during this crisis? Firstly, because they have quit all other so-called "securities" and "certainties" for their dreams.

Secondly, because just like when a public business goes down and the investors and business partners are the ones most affected, in a similar way an entrepreneur is affected when his "corporation" goes down.

And thirdly, because it seems more unfair for antrepreneurs to go throught this than it does for the rest of the world.

I mean, I understand you perfectly on this one...

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or even a start-up owner, chances are you were trying to give back to the world.

To innovate.

To impact lives.

To make things easier for us, the rest of the world.

To make people smile.

To improve.

To empower.

To write some history...

And now all this happened and there is a forecast for a even bigger crisis.

Don't you feel like from all the people living on this planet, you should have been on some sort of a whitelist?

You know, like the kind of list that Santa has...

Because you know, deep inside, that you were a good girl or a good boy and that you were on your way to something good for others too!

But no, there is no such list and we are all, good and bad, nice and naughty, on the same list...

Hence some businesses are booming these days, while some are about to be buried deep down...


No matter where you are and what you do, there are these 7 steps to plan your job or business like and entrepreneur - and to succeed like one, as well.

Do these 7 steps properly and I guarantee you success, no matter your current business or career situation.

My Top 5 Steps To Plan Your Job Or Business Like An Entrepreneur

1. Take a break.

Yes, you read that right!

Believe me, as a yoga teacher for the past 5 years, I know quite a few things about the neuroscience and the power of relaxation.

Nothing good can come out, as you worry and stress about the future.

So get that calendar out, or your hardcopy planner and block 1 hour to take a break - a full break, that is: no business calls, no emails, no potential customers.

What are you supposed to do during this break?

First, accept that you deserve it.

Then, get some tea or coffee, have something you love to eat, you know... really pamper yourself. Take a bath, be with your loved ones, hug your dog.

And by this time, 1/2 h should have passed and you are ready for the 2nd thing on your list.

Yes, I know I said 1 h break, but you have entrepreneurial blood running in your veins, how can you resist being in such a long break? I don't want to torture you....

2. Meditate.

I know, I know... you will judge me for this one. It sounds so... yoga-like and zen-like and even buddhist-like, which is a better association we can have to China, at least.

But hear me out when I say that the greatest leaders of the world first meditate and THEN they do their work.

Don't take my word, just go online and read the articles on this topic.

Check for meditation and productivity and you will be surprised!

Anyway, so what I mean by meditation is not actually about going into a deep transcendental state of mind and reach nirvana. I just mean "get out of your way", by getting a little space in your head.

You know the app, right?

They even called it Headspace - try it out, maybe it helps you relax and meditate a bit. Because that is what meditation really is, after all: it's a deep state of relaxation.

So just lay back on a bed or a sofa, close your eyes and totally relax your body, relax your mind and let go of all those thoughts... Focus on your breath, on counting, on nothing... up to you. Breath in and out, deeply, slowly, constantly...

Plant to take 10-15 minutes of stillness.

Thoughts will come and go, I know, but just don't stick to them - be like the oil and water, you and your thoughts. It's OK if you fall asleep...

But please relax and if you wish, give me your email address and I will send you a short, guided meditation that I do for my students, to help them relax even more.

And as you really let go of all the unnecessary thoughts and simply realize that this is your quiet time, with nothing to do, no one to talk to, no place to go... you will, eventually, relax.

Be in this state for as long as you can keep yourself focused on you self. :)

Then, gently wake up and go to step number 3.

3. Go Back To Your Core

OK, now this is the part where you need a pen and a paper.

Or a digital version of these.

Write down who you are and what you are.

Once again, just trust the process, no matter who you are and what business you work in. Write down your name and what defines you.

What are you, after all, according to what you do? Are you a problem solver? An artist aka visual creator?

Are you a writer?

A story teller?

A producer?

A manufacturer? In big categories and letting aside your frigid job description, please write down what you are, at your core.

Me, for example, I know I am a creator - I create things, I am a creative person. Now no, I don't create cars. I don't design them either.

But I do create emotions through my writings and talks and all that I teach.

I kindle transformations in people's life and yes, I am a problem solver also, but this is somehow secondary and related.

If there is a problem, I create a solution.

So you see, we are back to the creative core as my official answer.

Once you have your answer - a very simple one, please - move on to...

4. What Can You Do?

Now, please list the things that you are very good at - I am sure there are many.

Please start with the ones you love the most and, at the same time, you are excellent in doing.

You should end with what you are good at, but not so keen on doing daily.

5. What Are The 3 Best And Worst Case Scenarios?

Now go into your own forecast, but keep a reality-check.

According to what you know and have heard around you, from real people and real businesses, what direction is your business or job heading to?

Please write the best case scenario.

Then, the most probable one.

And then, the worst case scenario for your professional life.

Think in terms of 3 months to 12 months to 3 years.

Now breath, whatever happens you will be fine!

And I am not just saying it, you will make sure it happens because of... step number 7.

6. Create The Minimum Action Plans

For all 3 of the scenarios you just found in step 6 for you and your business, please write down a minimum action plan.

3 situations, 3 action plans.

Go into as many details as you want.

Do the math, check your bank details, check with the accountant if needed.

Try not to run surveys with your customers for the time being, just focus on the reliable data you already own and on your gut, of course, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

Call them "Plan A", "Plan B" and "Plan C".

Give more attention to the plan that mostly impacts you negatively or to the one that is imminent.

Be strategic, be focused on goals and targets, be flexible and be time sensitive.

Meaning that you cannot add to your list "get 10 new customers in 3 days", when you know you cannot even sell a product in one month from now, because you need to shift to the online market.

Please write an entire notebook on this if you have to.

Take a whole day off to do this.

Take the whole weekend.

A week... whatever you want.

But please deliver the best piece of work that you are capable of!

If you are talking about your job, think of these plans in terms of new jobs you might have to find or alternative sources of income and how to get them.

Be as thorough as possible and as specific as possible!

Because these 3 plans will be your pillars for any actions you will take in the next 3 to 6 months from now on or even more.

Whatever happens, you have a plan.

Actually, you have 3 plans now.

Stick to one of the plans, and get out of the crisis.

There is nothing else that can happen to you only, that was not included in at least 1 of the 3 scenarios and plans, so now you can relax and think of the last step to take.

7. What Do You Need To Do?

Here, you have to list what needs to be done at the moment, for the action plans to function properly. Check step number 4, where you wrote what you were excellent at and enjoyed doing.

Now think of what is missing from the bigger picture.

What else do you need to do in order to follow your plans?

Do you need to learn a new skill?

Do you need to hire someone on Fiverr?

Do you need a new business partner or a marketing consultant?

Do you need to start running Facebook Ads or to stop them? Find out what is missing from your equation and go for it.

Now is the best time to invest in your skills, since we are all spending more time home, saving precious hours on commuting.

Maybe you need to improve your English, in order to be able to sell your products or services worldwide.

Maybe you need to learn how to become more organized and time efficient.

Maybe you need to learn how to cope with your negative emotions.

Or maybe you need a mindset reboot, to get you back on your initial track for success, by rebuilding your self-trust, your inner balance and your... bank account balance.

Or maybe you just need to do some gentle physical exercise daily, to get rid of the body pain that reduces your productivity.

You know the saying, right? Just do it!

You have 3 plans, you have all the actions to take, now just match them with your skills or resources and you will get out of any crisis, in no time.

Because I know something that maybe not many people realize...

This is like war time.

It might even become a real war, who knows?

But just thing about it... who wins in times of wars?

Those with the better war strategy!

Defense, attack, withdrawal.

What is important is that you stay in the game longer than anyone else.

Optimize for that!

And you will win this battle - I give you my zentrepreneur word...

Did you like this article?

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That's all for today. Stay healthy, stay home and start taking those 7 steps!


Need some help in getting those 7 steps right?

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