A Message Comes If You Have A Relaxed Mind

Day 2 of my 30-Day Healthy Habits Challenge

I woke up around 7:15 AM, I believe.

What can I still do at this time? - the Vata mind started anxiously.

But everything was calm and in place.

I thought to myself:

There is no need to change your rituals just because they happen a little later than expected.

Dropping all expectations is a hard thing to learn, but once mastered, it serves it purpose: going with the flow, with the nature of things. And so I went....

  1. A magnificent massage, first of all. I run out of the Ayurvedic oil, but I had another hot one in the house (chocolate based). Probably 1 hour and a half. Yes, I know... but you have to think about all those details, right? I am 1,75 m, after all and I had to heat up the oil twice. Music: - first, a chant for Ganesha: https://youtu.be/F6BcPj42bUg - 2ndly, a Vata balancing song: https://youtu.be/5R49-pcki7Y It fit me so well, I decided to add it to my Morning Puja playlist. Definitely one of my favorite instrumental songs ever!

  2. A magnificent hot shower - I changed the background music this time: https://youtu.be/UWG7iRxRNLM Magic to my ears, plus the shower rain....

  3. Still in the bathroom? For sure! The most important part: saying the Sanskrit mantras that I know, with another background mantra this time. That is, every time, the best past. Watching yourself in the mirror and honoring the Goddess spirit in you, knowing that you are not what you seem to be... total delight! A full post about this one, maybe, one day... I say maybe because it's very intimate, it has a sacredness in it that I do not want to break by using the common words, such as English or Romanian.

  4. Morning meditation, in the bedroom - finally, yes? :) I used Muse again. I didn't get the same calm mind as the day before, but hey, we do not compare out meditation processes, correct?

  5. Morning meditation, in the bedroom - finally, yes? :) I used Muse again. I didn't get the same calm mind as the day before, but hey, we do not compare out meditation sessions, correct?

  6. Side-tracked and gone online, because I really had to know if someone could reschedule a booking or not.

  7. Cooking time! What to cook? n, what to have?! OK, just real milk, from a happy cow, with some goodies - all Vata balancing, of course: honey, turmeric powder, cinnamon, cardamom, olive oil. Olive oil in the milk? Oh, yes! Next time, I will add butter. It was still delicious, super nurturing. Just as a reminder: on all parts of this planet, except the European and American one, milk is not supposed to be mixed with anything else, considered another food.

  8. Cooking time! Wow, now that was tough today... I had no idea what to make. I just started somehow and it turned into 2 dishes: - Veg biryani - Mushroom And Potatoes Coconut Kari Super yum, we had the 2nd dish around 3:30 PM

  9. More online tasks, but here I made a blunder today: I started working on different online tasks from the kitchen. That is why, although hard to admit, my kitchen is a mess at this time. And I felt little bit overwhelmed at some point. That's when I also made 2 dishes - total mistake because of old habits, trying to cook for many days at once. Did I ever mentioned that happened last time I did that, after being super excited about my meal plans and how to cook in advance for a whole week? Almost everything turned bad, I ended up throwing 80% of the food I made. And I really asked myself why, because I know bad things don't happen to me. And this was the answer, the one behind the reason for which I am writing today, a core value I wanted not just to have, but also to implement: Cook and eat fresh! - that's what Ayurveda recommends. Overriding that went really unnaturally for me. Message understood, dear Universe, thank you for keeping me safe and warm. Because Vata needs warm meals, after all... Back to our story of the Day 2 - Dear Diary Of A Vata Dosha Goddess... Note to myself and to all the Vata women out there: do not multi-task, dear Vata, do not! Thank you, please keep on trying that....

  10. I finished listening to the online class of a teacher promoted by Mindvalley. A British hypnotherapist, he was. And I learned something new from him today. I took a shavasana break to follow his hypno-meditation - now that was a lot like what I teach! And of course, me being used to total trance meditation, I lost myself in that state. Came back around 3:15 PM, just before the lunch-dinner break.

  11. I wasn't hungry at all, I admit. Probably the milk, the super oils and honey from it. I ate a little bit of that mushroom coconut kari with steamed rice. So tasty! I got a great "wow" feedback for that. Not to mention Pyari ate a lot! That's the best feedback ever, in my mind. :)

  12. More work online, quite focused. I'd say.... 70% on the task. Running too fast on the last mile - that I have to change, I realize it more and more now. That overwhelming moment tired me up. Deciding on the last second to post some more extra posts, do check on those running ads, to message some person, to form a new group, to ask some questions, to share here and there... Tiring...

  13. Thank God, this part is great: Traditional Yoga! Thank God for the Wednesdays and every day we do yoga. We did the standing series today, for alignment. I even dropped the light bulbs for a while. The weather was perfect, the wind was blowing softly... And then, just as we finished and I didn't even sense the passing time, I laid down in shavaasana for the guided meditation part.

And I will start a new paragraph and I really don't know how to say this, but....

I heard a voice in my mind...

And I, myself, don't like people who say that. But I really don't know how to say it any other how... I really received like a guiding message, from the Goddess that I pray these days - 2nd day of prayer, please remember? And as weird as it may sound, it all happened very natural in that moment, and quite fast. After She told me her message, I immediately placed my palms together, in front of my chest, an automatic gesture knowing she has spoken and was about to leave. And She did. The voice disagreed. Now, let me make this clear... I have not intention in saying that I am talking to Gods or Angels these days. I know many spiritual people out there can't stop talking about it or asking for it. I am not them... I am a very mundane person, no super abilities or whatever they call them. I do understand the Infinite and myself quite well. So what I will conclude is that the Devi wanted to send me a message through my Higher Self. And that come as real words, with phrases, although I could even see her, in a way. From what I know from Yoga so far, I understand that in a state of trance, we may receive answers that are already there, but we cannot see them, because we are too much aware. I was still aware, as I said, but not 100% conscious, like now. I will write the message down - I rather handwrite it. It wasn't anything about the world peace, in case you are curious.

It had to do with myself, my journey, my path in this world. Everything I heard was beautiful and it made perfect sense. I was asked to do something, though', and this I can happily share: to ask for her guidance and help, whenever I feel lost and with too many thoughts in my head.

...And Then? Then, I after the whole meditation, I sat near the window and hand-written, on automatic pilot, with perfect mind clarity, my goals. And what I wanted. I realized I have not used that phrase in such a long time:

I want....

And I went on like that, intuitively filling up 4 A4 pages, with all my wills and all my goals, with very specific numbers and dates. Then, I even did some maths - it was needed, what to do. Everything came so easily to me. I ended up drawing some conclusions: that to want to most, what to wish for, in terms of where to invest my best energy for the moment. And then, I came on this page and put everything in digital words... Yes, I know... it's midnight. I still aim to sleep by 10 PM, as a super well behaved Vata. There is a washing machine full of nicely fragranced laundry, waiting for me... I will go and help the clothes get dry, that to do? But I am happy, even I haven't had a fully disciplined Vata day. The more I try, the more I will succeed. Please think and do the same!

I am happy for my failures, cos they prove I at least tried...

- my own quote, rephrased from somewhere I heard this once. Good night, night owls! D.R.

P.S.: I know I have not added any pictures yet, they are on my phone. I rather sleep to try to keep my routine than being a perfectionist till 3 AM....

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