Dear Diary Of A Vata Dosha Goddess

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I was supposed to go to bed by 10 AM and I am still up.

Except today, when I dedicated 3.5 morning hours to myself, I tend to run 10-15 working hours per day.

Then, I fall half-dead, energy drained. 2 weekends ago, I crossed my own recorded and spoke for 11 hours in a row, after only 4 hours of sleep. And I continued similarly the next day. I plan, replan and stop planning, all in 1 day.

If the majority of the people have around 70,000 thoughts per day, I must have around 200,000 and I can count and want to purse at least 100 of them all. Per day! :) It's hard to focus - multi-tasking is not a habit for me, it's just my way of being. When stressed out and worn-out, I panic.

I get anxious, I get nervous, I lose my otherwise calm temper, I shout, I curse in my mind and I go on. Then, I get disappointed. I also lose the self-trust easily and the bigger picture I one day had in mind. If something upsets me emotionally bad enough, I take it all inside my stomach and my intestines and bloat up, maybe even gain weight over night. At least some water retention, right? I can choke on my words, I can stumble upon my own past decisions.

My clarity of mind vanishes in an instant and I can become totally lost: who am I? And why?

Does this description sound a bit familiar to you? If it does, let me tell you something that I hope you will remember for the rest of your life:

There is nothing wrong with you, you are simply a Vata type!

Now What Do I Mean By That? Let me see if I can use my balanced Vata state and say it in 3 simple phrases, not 100 more: 1. Ayurveda (The Science Of Life from India) understands that there are 5 macro-elements that constitute the whole existing world, humans included, of course.

2. The combination of Ether, Air, Fir, Water and Earth gives birth to the 3 Doshas (Sanskrit word dosha = cause, fault): Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

3. All human beings have them all, but 1 is more prominent than the other, and a 2nd one too. And there goes my super-balanced, LASER-focused Vata tonight! I said it, in no more than 3 lines. But how this this happen, when I just said 200,000 thoughts per day and multi-tasking are my middle name?

Simply because today, as I said in the beginning, I gave myself 3 hours of an unprecedented Vata Dosha balancing ritual...

What Did My 3,5 h Vata Dosha Goddess Ritual Include?

Let's see how brief I can be again: - waking up at 6 AM, no matter how tired I felt after sleeping around 12 AM. - looking for and listening to a performed vedic puja - for Durga.

  • looking for and listening to many Sanskrit mantras, trying to select one - which I did, in about 15'.

  • landed on a Vedanta page - how nice! That was my getting side-tracked side.

  • listened to a lot of lectures on Ayurveda, the Vata typology and how to balance your predominant dosha.

  • followed the Vata regimen of life: Abhyanga massage in the morning, head to toes, by myself, with the Ayurvedic oil I had in the house.

  • followed the book again: warm shower, soothing musing on the background (yesterday I made a plan for all this, I had the speaker charged and ready), my moment of closing the eyes and visualizing all that I wanted for me and my dear ones.

  • my puja moment - honoring the Goddess in me, by reciting and integrating some Sanskrit mantras and doing a little part of the ceremony using real kumkum powder this time - instead of my sticking red dot.

  • morning meditation with the selected Sanskrit mantra, using Muse - wow, 23 birds, NO active time! I know it doesn't mean much to you, but my Muse device NEVER recorded 0 minutes, 0 seconds of active mind, since I got it - Christmas, that is. A new record was set in this house, at least for the 5 minutes meditation I did. :)

  • started cleaning the kitchen and cooking, with more Ayurvedic information on the background (always listening to something when I cook/clean).

Around 10:45 AM, I felt like the time has stopped for a tea, somewhere, nowhere...

Somehow, for a long, long time, the time has expanded, like it used to do in the country side. And I just couldn't be happier about that! My mood changed, my day was filled with music that I can still hear in my head... Somewhere around that time I realized I was hungry and ate 2 tortillas with butter and homemade guacamole. I thanked the Goddess once more for being a Vata constitution, because my diet SHOULD include oils and unctuous foods, plus all the bread in the world - how blessed to remind myself that! Getting to the creation part, which is THE number 1 quality of a Vata Dosha Ayurvedic type, I created, without being side-tracked or disturbed by anything else, a complete 18-pages PDF in Romanian, regarding the Vata regimen.

All included: from food to sleep, from relaxation to work, from massage to meditation and other healthy habits that a Vata Dosha needs to be at its best.

- because Vata Doshas are the best, right? We are the Creators of the world, after all... :)

And once again I felt so much gratitude to the entire Universe, who gave me the perfect first student in The 30-Day Healthy Habits Challenge - yes, you guess it! She is a primarily Vata Dosha constitution as well! :)

That's why I am actually still writing at 12:30 AM - so grateful, that I had to express!

Dear Diary Of A Vata Goddess Starts Today

I love to take challenges along with my students, so stay tuned to this blog for more news on my challenge and hers.

I am currently on intermittent fasting, planning to add or remove all the habits and rituals that a Vata Dosha Goddess requires to stay balanced every day. I will be monitoring my challenge and all that changes that I will notice for the next 30 days. I don't have a scale in the house, so except my weight, I will try to keep of record of the rest:

- mood

- emotions

- appetite

- stress level

- focus

- skin changes

- any other changes inside/outside Speaking of "removing habits", I have to stop writing now. :) Oh, I almost forgot to invite you to join this life-transforming Ayurvedic health challenge, anytime you want! I love all my 1-to-1 coaching programs, but this one is a really hard-worked one, full of gems, for a ridiculously low price that I don't even want to start to explain.

If you are a women looking for FULL support in changing her lifestyle and achieving ALL her health goals, on the long term, I'd love to help you with that! Just follow your heart and intuition!

My Way Of Saying Good Night....

By reading this article, I hope you at least know now that there is nothing ever wrong with you! Maybe you are just a Vata, Pitta or Kapha Dosha type in a group of others unlike - please validate that and honor yourself for WHO and HOW you really are!

Just A Vata Dosha Goddess Saying Good Night....

Daiana Radulescu

Yoga Lifestyle Coach

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