How Do I Serve The World?

Oh well, in so many ways: 1. In March, when we got into lockdown in Romania and I lost my kindergarten job as a non-formal educator and yoga teacher for kids, I immediately formed a group on Facebook, running mini coaching programs, called 7-Day Challenges, to help women cope with fear, anxiety and extreme stress. 2. I gave talks and interviews to the radio and to the TV channels and to the online media world. 3. I supported the women that enrolled in my longer coaching program, by forming a tribe for them and allowing them to sell their services on my website (this website, yes). And all the help I was able to give there, creating even a new marketing course for them. 4. I went online and offered my free advice in international groups that I belonged to. 5. I had many lives on other Romanian groups where women are the audience - to teach them relax and cope with stress.

And these are just the free ways, right? Because when I used the word "serve" in the title, that is what I mean. Today, I am starting my latest program, because I wanted to fully #serve for 2 weeks. The program is called "Daiana's Interviews - 5' To Transform Lives". It is a series of short, but powerful interviews, in which I called upon spiritual coaches from all around to world to help us find transformational solutions to problems we face every day. So stay tuned and join me today, at 6:45 PM, for my first live interview with Avishai El. I don't want to tell you more, because I want you to find out from her who she is and what will her "magic sauce" for transforming your life. She gets 5' to transform your life, with a surprise problem that I will toss to her. I am sure Avishai is ready, are you? Click on the picture to go to Facebook, where we will be live:

See you live, to transform your life! Go here:

My guest: Holistic Health Coach at Avishai El Enroll in her program: Drop the pounds. Get rid of stress. Create the life you deserve.

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