Never Quit On The Promises To Yourself

Yes, I admit. This post should have been written yesterday, or, given the hour, 2 days ago (on Thursday). But because I started writing the answers for an interview last night, I could not even start the blog post about the Day 3 of my Dear Diary Of A Vata Dosha Goddess. But since I took on this personal challenge of keeping a journal of how I balance my Vata through rituals, diet and lifestyle, I decided to be an inspiration for myself.

I Don't Quit On My Dreams, Do You Ever?

Yes, I know it can be tiring sometime.

Especially when those dreams seem so far from you. But you know what I learned over the years and from a lot of studies? That if you relax, they will! Those dreams, that seem so far away right not, will come to you as you sleep. But you know why? Because time doesn't really exist as we think. Time is an illusion of the conscious mind and a system that helps us understand the Infinite. And yes, even our lives. However, you don't count the hours when you sleep and most probably, if I suddenly wake you up from your sleep, you won't be able to tell me the exact time. Many people can't even give me that answer during the day, forget the night. So we are trained to think about the time in a certain way, I hope you accept that. If I told you that 3 years actually mean 3 days, then you would be expecting for your dreams to happen sooner, correct? That's why I said it was so important to relax. Just drop the conscious mind, let the subconscious do its job. That will get you closed to your dreams, while you relax without giving up...

Relaxation, so sadly understood by many humans, has nothing to do with "not doing" or with "not doing enough / not being productive / not moving at all". On the contrary, it has to do with having a confident approach that the Infinite has your back and that you, as a human being, understand that you are not a machine. Even machines need gas, oil, electricity, wind or sun. We, as humans, need to deeply relax, so we can replenish our energy and come back up, pumping more fuel into our dreams when it's really need it. And that's when it gets hard... that's when we need to invest the most energy, to keep up moving slowly, but steadily, without giving up... Now that I gave you this nice lecture on why it's so important to relax and not stop your dreams from rolling ever, no matter how hard, let's get back to the journal - as that is me, not quitting on my dream to keep this journal alive every day.

Day 3 Of My Dear Diary Of A Vata Dosha Goddess

From what I can still remember - which I admit is not much: 1. I woke up around 7:40 AM. 2. I continued as usual, as if I had woken up at 4 or 5 AM. :) 3. I went to the bathroom and prepared the incenses, lit the 9 candles, got the hot water for heating up the oil, put the music on and started my Abhyanga massage. 4. I do remeber the fact that this time, I changed the background music and decided to try some Morning Mantras - the most famous ones, in Sanskrit, of course. They were really nice! I will keep then on my playlist from now on. 5. After the self-massage, the hot shower. 6. The little puja, placing the kumkum on my thrird eye and meditating while looking into my eyes, in the candle light. Realizing my Self, through my presence. Saying "I love you" to myself, out loud. Smiling and enjoying my real nature, reassuring my divine essence with every breath, with every spark in the eye... 7. Meditation with Muse - 5 minutes + 5 minutes. My mind was not really calm. The 2nd time I meditated I placed myself in shavasana - star fish position, on the bed. I think I went into a deep state of meditation. I woke up at some point, the Muse has stopped. I don't remember the exact results. Which means they were average. 8. Big blank in my mind right now... Oh, I ate something. But what was that? Ah, 2 boiled farm eggs with butter and bread. Some Indian chai, I think. Yes. That was is, Indian chai, 1 cup. 9. Again, a big blank. I think I worked on something, as I usually do, online. I even made a to-do list on my computer, I better post that too, one day. 10. I remembered: at 9 AM, I had a beautiful coaching class with a beautiful women from Sibiu - Vata constitution, just like me! Same worries, same style, same passion from life. I liker so much, that I invited her to host a meditation on my private Facebook Group for women, on the 22nd of June. She plays the gong, I cannot wait! I am not very familiar with this field, I just understand vibration a bit. 11. Back to I don't remember much, I do remember I had a smoothie made of fruits at 12:40 PM and it later disturbed my stomach. Note to self: do not drink a smoothie that you kept in the fridge for 4 days, even if it smells and tastes exactly the same. 12. I realized I had to answer to the interview questions sent ages ago by Monica Popescu,

She was so sweet to interview me about yoga and life and I kept promising to answer and never did. At some point, I even stopped promising. However, yesterday I decided to try again. Before that, I cleaned the white carpet with Bio Carpet and asked Pyari to please stop using it for her needs (praying she understood!). :)) 13. Wrote some emails, put some ads, looked into the old ones, got into that To-Do list hard, with a promise to try and see, without judging myself, how many things I could finish in 1 hour.

After 2 hours or more, 9 things have been done. 14. Back to the carpet, it wasn't done. 15. Working more on those tasks. A dispute with the owner of the yoga place I used to rent - he said some nasty things to me, I reacted the way I expected myself to do. Note to the self: proud of me! I really apply what I coach my students to do during conflict situations, when people talk bad to you or criticize you. No hard feelings towards the owner either. All super, super cool. Congratulations, women, for keeping it cool and to your life standards. 16. English class with my students - that was so much fun, glad to have them back! 17. Meeting my students and Goddesses from The 21 Tribe. 10 women have made it, what a delight! I forgot to mention: 18. A glass of red wine - offered by my partner. Which means I went off the intermittent fasting plan.

With happiness and no guilt, of course. I'd never refuse my partner because of I.T.! :) 19. Going more in reverse: I did have lunch at 4:40 PM. To balance my smoothie mistake, that caused a lot of gas in my stomach, I added some jeera (cumin) to my beet root soup. That solved the issue instantaneously! Pure intuition, I have to say. I also ate some biryani veg rice after that, cook the previous day. 20. After the hour with The 21 Tribe on Zoom, which was such a pleasure, because we all shared something we were proud of and congratulated ourselves, I woke up from the guided meditation I conducted (Your Feminine Creator Self - asking questions to the universe), and went into the kitchen with the purpose of cleaning it without further excuses. And I did. 21. After that, the promise and the thought: what about the interview? I didn't even start it... 22. I started the interview and, to my surprise, the interview held a key to a piece of knowledge I wanted wanted to read about: Carl Yung and the chakras and traditional tantra. Ah, and what a hidden PDF I have found! When I finished reading the document, it was around 1 AM. I was tired decided to sleep. No, I didn't finish the interview that was on my To-Do. At least I finished other to-do's and felt really happy about my reading moment, so I was happy to go to sleep with a promise to write this post the next day and not beat myself up for it. It is today. I am writing it. I don't quit on my promises to my dreams, nor do I quit my dreams. Please do the same! :) With Full Trust In Your Potential, Women! Daiana Radulescu Yoga Lifestyle Coach P.S.: One more journal blog to write, it's 4:05 AM, Saturday...

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