Slower Is Better Than Not Moving. Later Is Better Than Never

And here goes my...

Day 4 Of My Dear Diary Of A Vata Dosha Goddess

1. I woke up at 9 AM, after going to bed after 1 AM.

I think my partner woke me, actually, whispering: "Dai, what about that ritual you talked about?". We had an agreement: that today (basically yesterday, on Friday - it's Saturday morning as I am writing this now) we would do our morning ritual together, because he didn't work and we could share the morning rituals. Why share mine? Because my rituals inclused a massage with hot oil, that's why! :) His morning rituals include what I call "ooga-booga" - doing some intense physical exercises in the house and on my yoga mat. He also meditates and uses Muse and chants AUM every single morning - super determined guy, very proud of him and I'm always learning that from him, because I am a Vata type, remember? I lack consistency in my life, I change like the wind, but that's OK, he is complements my airy side. So yes, let's get to no. 2: 2. The massage - no more a self-massage, ha-ha! Without getting into any other details, I do recommend this ritual to any couple in the world, because it's so relaxing, so connecting and so honoring of the divine in each one of you. The nice part about giving an Abhyanga massage to my partner is that I get to practice what I apply in my case: looking at my partner and seeing the divine in him, just like I see it within myself. It's also a nice moment to observe how I touch him, with how much love and care - it is different than how I touch my body? Do I care more for him than I care about myself? Do I rush? Who I focus more on? Thank God, all clear at this chapter: I honor my partner the same why I honor myself. I really don't see myself different than him. Except he is a man and took that shape, I recognize my True Nature in every being. Him included and equal to myself. And it's so nice to see your loved one enjoy the pleasure of the massage, totally relaxing and feeling comfortable under your hands in and your arms... We decided to keep it as a weekly ritual for ourselves.

3. Hot shower, of course.

I am getting consistent, did you notice this? :)

4. Meditation together. He offered the Muse device to me, to use it - how sweet was that, thank you, baby! :) He decided to use HeadSpace on the background, he relaxes better on that. I didn't on the other hand, and my Muse was silent - no birds to hear, no ocean waves. But interesting also, because now I didn't know if my mind was rather silent or not - Muse plays different sounds when your mind wonders around... At the end, 23 birds, in 10 minutes. Well, not bad at all, I thought... But I was feeling so sleepy... so so sleepy... shavasana would have been nice. But my lover was feeling hungry so we went of for the...

5. Breakfast: Vata Dosa - an Indian breakfast - it's it amazing how I attracted this Vata even in the breakfast we had? I am not sure if it balanced my Vata or not, but I added a lot of olive oil to that and Ayurveda understands that you can change the properties of a food adding oils and spices. So I hope I did that. I made the most delicious butter bread toasts in the oven - to make it, just add the bread slices on a baking tray and a ridiculously amount of butter. Let it melt, but me careful not to burn the butter, because it will make it toxic for your health. This is a thing I learned from professor Mencinicipschi - never use butter for frying, because it's not made for that, it decomposed quickly and it becomes from super healthy, unhealthy and you mess it up. My baby also made Indian chai with ginger - yum yum! Dip that butter toast into it and you will have an amazing explosion of pleasure in your mouth!

Did you just notice how smoothly I avoided my the over-used phrase "culinary orgasm"? So proud of that! :) And I hope you know what I mean by that so far, dear Goddess reading this blog: Congratulate yourself for every tiny beautiful thing that you do, because you deserve some self-appreciation and self-love A L L D A Y L O N G! ;)

Don't wait for the big achievements, start small... 6. By the time we finished breakfast, it was 12 PM. What to do as this time? I wanted to get a bit energized, so I added the kettle in the sink, where we have the water filter installed. I then went into multi-tasking Vata type and guess what happen! Yes, you guess it right: after 1 or 2 minutes, I heard some dripping in the kitchen. It was the water pouring all over the counter top and onto the floor. Note to self: self-awareness was gone, probably because of being sleepy. Let's see that good can come out of that! Oh, cleaning the kitchen again would be nice, plus the inner drawers, plus mopping the floor intensely. And guess what?

In 15 minutes I was not longer sleepy at all!

I still made the back tea, just for fun.. Note to you: do not judge yourself when this happens. Lack of self-awareness can lead to dezasterous things, so it's better when it happens at this small level after all. Do not punish yourself, do not look for ways of blaming yourself and if you catch yourself saying nasty things to you, just remember those are not your own words, but those of someone who used to talk like that to you or to her/him, in your past. Just stop that unnecessary monologue and say something real and nice: "this can happen sometimes, I just need to focus my mind". And always, always, look for the benefit! For me, that was the exercising part, as I was feeling sleepy and that got me out. Respect yourself no matter what. You wanna have a happy lifetime relationship with yourself, not with the kitchen, sink, or bathtub. :)

7. Back to the living room, window open and let's write! Finish that interview, finish yesterday's blog post, right? Or... better just play with Pyari now! Which I did, because the family is always so important. The most important one, actually. You and your family matter the most. If you have a nice family around you. If not, don't try to change them, just focus on yourself. And Pyari, in my case, because the lover had already been massages, washed and fed. Happy happy, joy joy, Pyari was next.

And we ran and play, oh boy, oh boy, till her tongue was out and she laid on the floor.... 8. 2 PM - writing, correct? Actually, we went into discussing about our 1 year anniversary. And even this weekend: where to go, where to escape. The rain was making such a pleasant sound for the whole body, living room included... The usual tick-tock was no longer on the background, so we search for train tickets, flight tickets and accommodation in different parts of Romania and Europe. Conclusion: tommorrow we go out to Brasov - are we really going to do that?! It's almost 5 AM for me now, this is the effect of the black tea I talked about before, I am sure about that...

Sighisoara for our anniversary, Copenhagen is out of the question for now - no good connection flights.

My conclusion: with such busy weekends from now, I either think about delivering the Ayurvedic online course during the week days, or I just postpone it for 2 weekends more. Or at least hold it on Saturdays... I'll wait for a sing and decide. And by this, I mean running a Facebook pole :) 9. Oh my God, how the time flies! That's OK, I am the Vata type, I will fly along. By 4 PM we were having lunch. And dinner. That was the last meal for us - the usual intermittent fasting we have during the week days. 10. Coaching call with Andreea Hera, one of my students who gave me some amazing news about her life, after having finalized the coaching program I had just finished: The 21 Transformation Challenge. I was so happy for her! Plus she came up with an idea I never dared to share, but I once had on my mind: taking her to Sighisoara with us, as our personal photographer for the anniversary. And she actually proposed that! And she really does it for other people, as her job, how cool and inspiring is that, no? I love the power of the mind and the thoughts! :))

11. Another coaching call, with a very pretty lady, we went to collage together. I was happy to he of help and plan to do something more for her - Alexandra Turcu, you are in for a tiny surprise!

12. I quickly shifted to my filming room for the online yoga class. I decided to go for the Forward Bending series, since that helps in case of any back pain - which I had 3 hours ahead, because of a chair. 13. Happy and relaxed, I decided to go live on Facebook, on my group, to discuss about a very important theme: how NOT to listen to everything that our therapist says! It was a great talk on what to expect from a person that is supposed to support us, as a professional. I got this inspiration and I felt the need to talk on that after my 2 coaching calls from today. Please listen to it by joining my women's only group - totally free! 14. I went into a talk with my mom, administrative details as it seems I have to clear up the yoga space I used to rent before Covid 19. But I am not sad at all. I am not going to sacrifice myself, nor my student's wishes. I already talked to my partner and we will invite 3 students per session to join my yoga classes, when I teach online. That way, we keep everyone happy. And that's all I want. 14. I opened the interview again and continued answering to those questions. They were really nice, I admit. And today, I really felt inspired and invited to talk even more than I did yestarday, when I went into the research about Yung. And I talked. And talked...

And talked... In a written form, so a whole novel will be posted on Monica's blog , if she still decides to publish all that :)) Monica, thank you for your invitation and the unique chance to speak my mind. You really made it a place to share everything I ever wanted to be asked, but thought no one would dare to ask me all that. I hope your blog has a huge server to add my novel into the online world... :) 15. After I hit "send", I looked at the laptop's battery, looked at the time (around 3 PM) and decided to run the marathon, my dear ladies! Yesterday's blog post, day 3 of my challenge journal was missing - I finished that! And I didn't stop! Every second counts, when the battery of your laptop is running out... Not that I don't have a charger, but I rather use that pressure of time and finish my posts quicker than usual - why not? Note to you: a task takes ONLY as much time as you actually have. I am now finishing the 2nd article: Day 4 of my Dear Diary Of A Vata Dosha Goddess balancing her life in a relaxed way.

I am not sleepy at all. I am also proud of myself. And let me tell you why, before you jump into conclusion and take out your Parent ego state and scold me saying: "But Daiana, it is 5:25 AM, people wake up at this hour, not sleep! Plus, should I remind you that you wanted to sleep my 10 PM?" All true, but please don't miss 3 things from the equation: 1. Friday was my free day, and so will Saturday be. 2. I was not sleepy at all, therefore I didn't push myself into something that felt uncomfortable to me.

3. I enjoy and accept changing my mind, in order to remind authentic to my true nature and self. Between sleeping early and writing under the fever of creation, with the Night and the Stars as my muses, I will always choose the latter one.

What Was The Title Of This Blog Post All About?

Slower Is Better Than Not Moving. Later Is Better Than Never

That is exactly what I did now.

  • I did finish that interview and yes, although I delayed it 3 weeks probably, tonight was definitely the best time to write, in order to be able to answer all that the way I did tonight - slower is better than not moving.

  • Yes, I did keep my own promises and I am now back to date with my journal. I am a Vata type, I a change my mind, but I can also adjust and be as quick as the wind when needed and continue what was not finished in the past - later is better than never.

And that is all for day 4, heading to bed, to read, to sleep or to... wake up fresh and pretend I slept :) P.S.: I love my life, morning till morning! I hope you do to! And if you don't yet, that's OK, I can always give you a hand. That's my mission, remember? That's why I am up till almost 6 AM now. I inspire myself and support others in becoming and inspiration to themselves. Good morning, world! Daiana Radulescu Yoga Lifestyle Coach