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Yoga-Life Coach

Writer & Speaker

Daiana Radulescu Meditating

Mindfulness Ambassador



A Different Style Of Coaching

What I loved most about having Daiana as my yoga-life coach was the surprise element that she called “intuition” or “being in the flow”. She was extraordinary in doing that, but I never thought I could do it, until, one day, I did. Thanks to her teachings, I am now able to be in the flow as well, and to generate extraordinary ideas by myself. Thank you!

Gabriela Monteray
Make-up Artist

From Yoga To A New Me

I never knew that yoga could bring so much more light into my life! I got not only the physical benefits that I was expecting (getting rid of an old back pain), but also a better mindset, new ideas, new dreams and goals I never even knew existed in me! I totally rediscovered who I was and I am so grateful to my teacher for this!

Alexxa Bradly

Totally Happy!!

I am so happy that I got out of depression and that I can enjoy life again! Daiana has been so caring and so full of resources and researched information, that I always felt I could trust her – which was a new feeling for me.

Monica Berlusco
Web Designer

One Of The Best Transformational Speeches

I ran a small NGO for women from underprivileged areas and I needed someone to make these women feel better about themselves. Even if the meeting was online, Daiana sent her good vibes and positive spirit to all my 55 women in the room. It is hard to tell women who have almost nothing to feel happy about anymore that they are worth a lot to the world, but Daiana used her yoga principles and philosophical knowledge to highlight their potential – amazing transformation for them, from zero to the absolute! Can’t wait for the follow-up!

Susan Kim
NGO, California, USA
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