Please Set Aside Some Quiet Time For Yourself.

Some quality time…

Introspection time.

Time dedicated to yourself only, so you can take a look into your life and realize if you are truly living the way you want to.

I do understand that we are all master pieces in the process of self-creation, but let’s dive deeper into that.

And instead of thinking about where you would like to be in 1 year from now, or even in 3 or 5 years, and then deciding what you should do daily to get there, let’s do some thing different.

Let Us Analyze Your Daily Life

Actually, you will have to do that on your own, I will simply guide you on this page.

And because we are both pro Self Mastery (I assume), I encourage you to take this exercise seriously.

You know what I mean, right?

  • Exactly, go grab a nice notebook or even your diary and your most inspiring writing instrument, for what is about to come.
  • Please put your phone on total silence and avoid any interruptions.
  • Put aside a cup of coffee, tea, warm milk or whatever hydrates you and gives your those “aha moments”.

Only Once You Are Ready With All That, You Can Start


Then read on:

✼ How was your life today? Find a word to describe it: bad, amazing, superb, gloomy etc.

✼ What did you do, specifically?

✼ How did you wake up?

✼ Was your food healthy and nourishing? Was it enough or too much?

✼ What about your sleep? Was it enough and restful?

✼ How much time did you spend with your loved ones?

✼ Did you exercise/move? In a gym? Or at home? How?

✼ Did you meditate? Do you usually?

✼ Did you take a walk in the nature? Or were you all day in your car/ vehicles?

✼ Were your friends and co-workers nice and kind to you, helpful and motivational? Did they praise you?

✼ What about your family? Were they supportive, intuitive, pro-active?

Think About Your Job Now

✼ Do you spend most of your day at work?

✼ What kind of work do you do? Is it of any use for the society, does it bring real value?

✼ Is it your dream job?

✼ Are you of service for the humankind?

✼ Do your core values reflect on your daily job?

Now Let’s Move To Your Personal Life

✼ Do you have any animals around you and do you spend time with animals, in general?

✼ Did you do something for your soul today?

✼ How good is your health?

✼ What about your mindset? How are you, psychologically speaking?

✼ And your emotions, are they positive?

✼ How do you feel right now, if you could name just one emotion. Are your angry, sad, happy, upset, nervous, anxious, scared, joyful etc.?

✼ Financially speaking, how do you evaluate yourself? Are you where you want to be?

✼ In terms of possessions, are you having all the things that you need for a comfortable living? Having more, or having less?

✼ Do you buy things often? Do you really need what you buy?

✼ Do you spend a lot of money? Or are you the saving type of person?

✼ Do you love people? Do you think humankind is good?

✼ Do you think the world is a safe place to be?

✼ Do you love yourself?

✼ Do you love and admire others more than yourself?

✼ Are you studying daily, learning something new? Or do you wish you would?

✼ How much time do you spend reading or listening to audio books daily?

✼ When was your last holiday? How long was it? How did you spend it? With whom?

✼ How often do you take days off from work, excluding the weekends?

✼ What is your daily or weekly method of relaxation?

✼ Do you invest time in your hobbies? How much and how often?

✼ How do you spend your weekends? Do you do more work or do you completely relax?

✼ Do you ever feel stressed? When and under what circumstances?

✼ Do you ever feel caught in situations you don’t know how to escape anymore?

✼ Are you thinking more about your tomorrow or about your past than you are about your present day?

✼ Do you ever say to yourself “it’s ok, I’ll do this tomorrow”?

✼ Are you happy with your yesterday?

✼ Are you happy with your today?

Reflection Time

Nice! 😀

I’m so happy you have completed this exercise. Congrats!

Now all you have to do is to congratulate yourself also and to take a few moments to discover the results.

  • Where are the minuses and pluses?
  • What needs improvement and what is great as it is?

From experience, I can tell you I am was doing amazing on most chapters of my life, even before the Live Today As If No Tomorrow concept ever came to my mind.

However, this simple concept made me shift from always looking into the future and planning for a tomorrow, to focusing on now and planning for today.

Such a big Yoga idea, but I just never truly felt it in my heart before 02.13.2019!

Now, my biggest goal is to end each day completely happy, knowing that if tomorrow never comes, that is perfectly fine.

If you also realized that your days need a boost of happiness, read on, because I am about to give you some tips on how to use the LTAINT in your life, starting right now.

How To Use The LTAINT Concept In Your Life

OK, so you realized that you need to make your days more beautiful.

Or more meaningful.

Maybe you even realized that you need a total chance in your life, a total transformation on some chapters: health, work, private life, soulset etc.

Whatever it is, if your TODAY doesn’t look like The Best Day Of Your Life, your are definitely missing out a lot.

And the worst part, the part that many people don’t realize, is that you might not have a TOMORROW.

Not Waking Up Is A Reality For Many People Around The Globe.

Certainty: we all go to sleep.

Uncertainty: you will wake up.

Some of us really don’t, so… I really don’t know if that is going to be me or you.

Age is not a mandatory factor here. Death comes to those who are very young also, children included.

So what can you do to avoid waking up on the other side and feeling you lived an unfulfilled last day of your life?

Very Simple: Start Living Today As If No Tomorrow.

Imagine every day, as soon as you wake up, that today is the only day you get to live on planet Earth.

You don’t have another year to live, not even 6 or 3 months.

All you got is today!

So What Will You Do Today?

Only you know the answer to that question.

And that answer will be different every TODAY, for the rest of your life.

Since we are not counting on the rest of your life, you only got today to life.

So as soon you wake up and finish your morning routine, or even before that, grab that notebook again and write your daily goals for today only.

But don’t forget!

Today is all you’ve got.

So what is it going to be?

  • Are you still going to go to work today? If you are, which job will you choose? Is it your actual one, or do you need to start looking, at least, for a new one?
  • What will you do at work?
  • Are you gonna play average or will your do your best and serve the most?
  • What about your family and personal life?
  • Who do you want to spend your last day of your life with?

Maybe you need to call some people from your past, maybe you want to call your friends and family to thank them and tell them you love them.

You might also want to apologise to someone.

Or even to yourself.

Forgiveness Is Such A Blessing And A Relief For Your Soul.

Oh, and my favorite one…

  • What makes you really, really joyful? What are you thrilled about?

I adore writing and reading the metaphysic texts, plus a cup of Indian tea or some vanilla coffee.

And my favorite moments are with my beloved pup, Pyari, my beautiful Shih-Tzu daughter.

I also love doing my yoga asanas with my students and meditating home, before going to bed.

  • What’s your magic moment like?
  • What would you die for, if tomorrow you would really be dead anyway? 😅

Think about all that, write about all that and then…

Truly Live All That!

Live it all TODAY.

Because one day, TODAY will truly be your last day…