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Daiana Radulescu Meditating

Mindfulness Ambassador

The Yogalize Center

What started first as her own yoga practice, later became the first Traditional Yoga studio in Bucharest.

In January 2020, Daiana Radulescu will take this idea one step further and launch a new venue: a meditation and relaxation center, where relaxation and meditation are the main pillars of personal developement, to help more people live a happy and fulfilled life.



How Did The Idea Of The Meditation And Relaxation Center Emerged?

We all want to be happy and relaxed, but we don’t know where to start.

We try going for an exotic holiday, for SPA experiences and massages, we read, we talk to friends, we contemplate the nature, we do some affirmations, we attend some events.

And everything works for a while, but then we fall into the old patterns and we feel stressed again.

The problem is that we often confuse relaxation with activities that require less of our intellect and mental focus.

However, this is not how science looks at it.

In the 70’s, professor Herbert Benson from Harvard Medical School coined the term “the relaxation response” – the scientific name for MEDITATION.

When we meditate (through yoga, silent or guided meditations, affirmations or prayers), we allow for the mind and body to relax.

Relaxation is the opposite of stress, in other words, the opposite of the “flight-or-fight response”.

Having practiced a very meditative system of yoga, simply called Traditional Yoga, I have felt the benefits of meditation, in the sense of deep relaxation, almost like a state of hypnosis or very deep sleep. 

I am interested in promoting this idea of deep relaxation, because it is so restorative for the body – and now we how so many scientific researches to prove this, through blood tests and MRIs.

As a yoga teacher, I understand that only when we truly and deeply relax, at a subconscious level, we begin to see changes in the neurological patterns.

Which simply means that when we relax, when we meditate, we remove the negative beliefs that we have about ourselves. We actually affect the brain neurons, structures and patterns (this is called neuro-plasticity).

Once that happens, we just need to add new information – correct information about ourselves, just as we add a new software to a computer. 

In order to be really happy about ourselves and about life in general, we need to operate from a positive mindset. From a state of love and trust.

But with a wrong software that was put into us ever since we were children, we cannot do that. 

So we will have difficulties in having the life that we want to have, in terms of love relationships, friends, family, career and money. 

We all hear that it is all “in our heads”, in our minds – but how to access the mind, in such a way that it will help us transform our lives and make us reach our dreams and our full potential? 

We all want to be healthy – but how?
We all want to be happy – but how?
We all want to have abundance and to be highly regarded – but how?

In yoga, we have the means to do that. 
We start from there. 

Then, we bring the deep relaxation and meditation from yoga into our daily lives, outside the yoga mats. 

Then, we add the correct information about ourselves, through specific personal development courses or what I call the Yoga-Life Coaching classes. 

We remove the blockages, the incorrect thought processes, the useless emotions and the negative beliefs about ourselves and about the environment and we replace them with valid ones.

And that is how we become happy and relaxed, for good.
That is it, as simple as that!

That is why I wanted to create the Yogalize Center – to make it more than just a yoga studio, because after the yoga class is gone, people still need more resources for a happy, healthy and wealthy life. 

First, you get rid of the back ache.

You gain some strength, some flexibility – but without a narcissistic focus on the body, on the bare physical aspect.

You reduce the panic attacks, the anxiety.

You increase the number of smiles per day.

You meet new people, you start to realize your are not the only one with some issues. 

And that every issue has a solution – you focus on the solution. 

But people need more than that.

What if someone wants to meditate at 12 PM? Or to do some breathing exercises at 6 AM? 

Or to talk to someone about their problems or concerns, looking for a different approach on life?

What about the diet, from an Indian or Chinese point of you? 

Health is much more than just exercise and eating habits. We are much more than just bodies and minds. 

And my dream was to do much more than just to be a yoga teacher, 2 hours per day – that is why I give talks to people, to organizations, I do 1 to 1 coaching, I go group coaching, I created a private community for women, I started courses and programs for life transformations and I have a huge passion for teaching children life skills that are not taught in formal schools. 

Because I love people and I trust in their divine nature and it is my mission to make them love themselves at least as much as I love them. 

This image is about Daiana Radulescu and her Yogalize center for meditation and deep relaxation as personal development
Join us from January 2020 – Aviatorilor, district 1, Bucharest
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