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Yoga-Life Coach

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Daiana Radulescu Meditating

Mindfulness Ambassador

The W4W Community

Besides her interest in children and non-formal education, Daiana Radulescu also has a desire to empower women to live happy and fulfilled lives. She created a private community for them, called W4W: Women For Women.



The Women For Women (W4W) Community was created because women need to connect, interact, express and create, now more than ever.

In the past, women used to have special gatherings, away from the men’s eyes.

In a space of total comfort and privacy, they used to share their stories, their intimate thoughts and emotions, their successes and their fears.

Together, they were stronger – a strength that could only come from their nurturing hearts.

But it was that kind of environment and that kind of intimacy that was created amongst women that gave them an invaluable advantage: the absolute freedom to express as women.

This is why I created the Sunday gatherings for women: because more than chatting and talking on the phones, more than brief meetings in tea shops and libraries, more than holiday and birthdays reunions, we need to come together.

We need to talk face to face, to hold hands, to embrace, to smile to each other and then, to the whole world.

We get our strength from sharing our weaknesses and knowing that those weaknesses are like lampposts for our growth paths.

We heal by sharing and letting go. We learn by exploring new angles.

It is my firm belief that women are a society by themselves. They are the creators of this world and without becoming a feminist, I believe we should all support the women, foremost.

Because they are the ones that educate the children. And their children are the future men and women of tomorrow.

By empowering the women of the world, we empower the whole world: women, men and children.

An empowered woman is a wholesome women, residing in her absolute femininity, not messed up by power games or gender competition.

For these women and their rights to happiness and freedom, we have created the W4W community.

A private community of women, for women, where only our most sincere thoughts and emotions are allowed. Without judgments, without critique…

If you are a woman, please join us!
We are here to support you in living the life you deserve.

P.S.: We usually meet on Sundays, in the afternoon, in Bucharest. Please contact us for more details. To these reunions, only women are accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

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