Who Am I?


My name is Daiana Radulescu, and I am the happy person behind this personal blog.

And I most pleased to have you here, on my very private island of serene thoughts, difficult moments, breakthroughs, ideas, goals, dreams, failures and all the rest that life might bring…


Now please make yourself really comfortable and enjoy reading on, because I created this website for a few reasons:

  1. To keep a digital diary where I could record my days, according to the Live Today As If No Tomorrow concept.
  2. To inspire other people to live their lives the same way and to be of help to them through my services (writing, speaking, coaching etc).
  3. To write about other topics that don’t fit on my yoga websites (www.yogaromania.org, www.bhairaviyoga.ro).

It might help you know that the Blog section contains My Diary and other Articles, on various topics.

Live Your Life As If No Tomorrow

I am also very keen on digital marketing and social media, for small businesses, and on personal development.My main amazing teachers, at the moment, are:

Robin SharmaPersonal Mastery

Anik SingalDigital Marketing

Billy GeneDigital Marketing and Social Media

I am grateful to all my teachers for the valuable knowledge they lovingly shared with me.

I will always remain a student throughout life and I encourage you to do the same.

If you find this website helpful, please let me know and share it with others too.

Before I end, let me Thank You for investing this time and energy in yourself!

☞ For a more detailed story about myself, please follow the About Me page.