Why everyone needs a guru

Why Everyone Should Have A Guru

In this post, I am going to explain to you why everyone should have a guru and why you cannot be fully happy in this life without the help of a real Master.

A guru is supposed to reshape your Soul

And once your Soul is reshaped, the doors of Heaven will open – in this life time and in the next one.

The job of a guru is to set you free from all limitations of your untrained mind. And this is done through the science of Yoga and Tantra.

If a guru cannot master this complex and wide science and if he does not master Sanskrit better than his mother tongue, then better be reserved in following him.

Many gurus pretend to know a lot nowadays and they do some chanting and they say some mantras and all the westerners think they are the incarnation of Buddha.

A real guru is hard to find, easy to miss and impossible to forget. But when you really hear him speak, you will know that he talks from his subconscious.

That is why you will want to write down every word that he says because later on, in your life, those words will make more sense than they do on the spot.

And if you are still thinking of whether or not you need a guru, let me ask you these simple questions:

  • Do you know your true identity?
  • Do you understand cosmogony?
  • Do you understand all religions of the world?
  • Do you know what means to be a human being?

I really don’t personally know ANY urban man or woman (black or white, Asian or Caucasoid) who understands all these concepts. To be honest, I don’t even know someone who knows someone who has the answers to such questions.

Surely, tons of ink have been spilled on papers, useless as they continue to be for us, the readers, because authors make mistakes too many times.

And we, ignorant as we are because of our silly schooling systems, we fail to see the flaws in their work.

But even worse, we have started to mistake the false for the truth. And this led us to where we are now: in the world of Experimentalism, Materialism, and Politicism.

And in such a creepy world, how can you be OK without someone pointing out the truth to you?

Because that is the role of a guru: to separate the essential from the unessential.

To give you the right texts to study and to clarify the difficult aspects for you.

To make you ask yourself only the relevant questions about life and then to wait for you till you find the correct answers.

To hold you accountable for your mistakes and to never, but absolutely NEVER, say anything just to please you or to make you feel well.

Because if you are not well, you better know it, own it and get rid of whatever is not making you well.

And that is something that only you have the power to do. This is why we do yoga, this is why we study the Tantras: to be in bliss. Always.


Have I got you interested in the teachings of my Guruji? Then better watch these videos, where he shares the knowledge with the world!


The True Power of A Real Guru

Humans are perfect by Nature, by Divine Law. Anything else than that it just isn’t their natural state. So if you feel that you are lacking that state of perfection, that untouchable state of inner bliss, you definitely need to visit my guru.

And I am actually serious about it: I don’t know any other person who has the unlimited knowledge that this man has.

Ten books I could write on this topic and it still wouldn’t be enough to share with the world how meeting Bhagavan was the best thing that ever happened to my life.

Because only after meeting him and after studying Yoga and Tantra seriously, I was able to really live life.

You can’t live something that you don’t understand. In the same way that you cannot read a language that you don’t understand.

A guru has to be like Michelangelo before creating David: look at a piece of massive rock – that being you – and seeing the final masterpiece already in it. That is how hidden your Soul is; that is how hidden your Beauty is.

Yet, with a lot of love coming from the right “carver”, any human being has the potential of being a magnum opus.

I pay reverence to my guru, Shri Bhagavan, for making me the most beautiful version of myself.

I bow to Shri Ganesha for clearing the path of my studies.

I worship Shri Kali Devi for making me a Goddess.


Do you have a great teacher in your life or are you still looking for your one true master? Share your thoughts, I’d be happy to know.



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